Thursday, 30 March 2017

Do you want to make money online? If Yes...? Then you have reached the right place, Here I'm going to share one and best method to make money online in 2017 just by sharing the files through internet. This method is Pay Per Download (PPD)

What is PPD?

PPD stands for Pay Per Download. In this method you need a file/content, upload this file on any legitimate PPD network. That net will generate a content locking link of your uploaded file. After that copy the link and promote over the internet. Promotion methods may be different, it depends on you by which means you would like to share the link and get traffic to your link. Whenever a user clicks on your link and download the file, you will be paid for that.

Promotion Method:

  • A Website (Wordpress or Blogspot)
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct Social Sharing
  • Paid Traffic Via Google Ad words
  • Others

Best Pay Per Download Networks

There are many PPD networks through which you can promote your content. Some best PPD Websites are listed here.

1. AdWorkMedia

AdWorkMedia is one of the best PPD networks. They allow you to monetize your content by locking then by and advertisement. Their content locker is flexible to screen size, they support all (Mobile, PC, Tablet). Their payment download is vary depending upon the geo-location from where the file is being download. Normally they pay $0.20 to $20 per download. Try to get more targeted traffic from Tier1 Countries to increase your revenue.

Payment Methods: Check / PayPal / ACH Direct Deposit / Western Union / Payza / Wire / Payoneer
Minimum: $35
Payout: Weekly, Net 15 days, Net 30 days

2. Cleanfiles

CleanFiles is another high-quality PPD Network that started in 2012. They also pay an average of $1 per download but they are choosy when it comes to accepting new members, so if you want to get accepted to their network, you need to convince them that you're already making money with other PPD sites and has already a lot of experience with this money making method. Cleanfiles also have content/webpage lockers that members can use to monetize certain pages of their website that contains premium content. Their minimum cash out is $50 and new account must be at least 3 weeks old to be able to cash out, after that they'll start sending payments weekly.

Payout Methods: Payza/ Payoneer/ Wire Transfer/ Check/ ACH Direct Deposit
Minimum: $50
Payout Schedule: Weekly

3. Purebits

Purebits is a Pay Per Download (PPD), Pay Per Install (PPI), and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) network that started in 2013. They have several monetization tools from File Locker, Link Locker, Content Gateway, Sofware Locker, Video Locker, and Content/Webpage Locker that members can use to monetize their apps, games, eBooks, music, files containing passwords and other digital contents that would be valuable to people. They also have an active support team that responds in 24 hours. Purebits have a lot of monetization tools just like AdWorkmedia, but the downside is they aren't newbie friendly, unlike AdworkMedia.

Payout Methods: PayPal/ Wire Transfer
Minimum: $50
Payout: Weekly, Net 7 Days, Monthly

4. CPAGrip

CPAGrip is both a PPD and CPA Network that started in 2011. They also have content lockers and URL/link lockers that publishers can use to monetize their downloads. CPAGrip's improved analytics software keeps members up to date with the most relevant lead related information. They have high EPC (earnings per click) offers and have a dedicated support team which is available 7 days a week.

Payout Methods: Check/ PayPal/ Wire/ ACH
Minimum: $50
Payout: Net 15 Days, Net 30 Days

5. Adscend Media

AdscendMedia is another popular Content Locking Network that started in 2009 and offers monetization tools to help affiliates make money with their online content. AdscendMedia is one of the largest incentive-based performance marketing platforms on the web and they have a dedicated account management team that is to help their members maximise their revenue by sharing monetization tips and techniques. Members can also monetize certain pages of their website if it contains valuable content by using their content locker.

Payout Methods: Check/ Wire/ ACH/ PayPal

Minimum: $50

Payout: Net 7 days, Net 15 days

Monday, 14 March 2016

Greetings Everyone!

Aging is happening to the huge issue now a days. Everybody needs to look more youthful and fit. By remember this thing, I bring an answer for the individuals who need to look more youthful, new and need to live sound way of life with their bustling life.

This magical thing is Ageless Body System (ABS). So don't worry read this entire article and make a move today. 

What is Ageless Body System (ABS)? 

The Ageless Body System (ABS) is an All-In-One System that alters Anti-Aging and that not just ensures to guide you in the best possible course, yet will arrive to answer any inquiries 1 stage at once. The Ageless Body System guarantees to help you quicker than whatever other solution in the market. You can buy this product in only $37.

How does it works? 

Ageless body system works viably to target and take out the main driver of untimely maturing that is absence of hydration and loosing of skin epidermis. Safeguarding the solidness and smoothness of your skin.

What results ABS conveys?


ABS has a lots of advantages, few of them are listed below 

  • Decreases indication of anti-aging
  • Effective cancer prevention agent 
  • Restores your skin 
  • Eliminate wrinkles and scarcely discernible differences 
  • Eliminate dark circles  
  • Eliminate puffiness 
  • No painful - No costly surgery - No costly laser treatment 
  • It is protected and safe treatment 
  • Dermatologically tried for every touchy skin

ABS save your time and cash

ABS gives you the information on excellence and hostile to maturing insider facts for your body, containing different tips on the best way to adjust champion nourishment for against maturing/hostile to wrinkle magnificence improvement. In the occasion you wish, you can normally go ahead and utilize those costly items, shampoos, medicines, and substantially more. On the other hand perhaps you can tend to save a huge amount of cash in spite of the fact that finding obvious, staggering results, right from the solace of your own family unit. Additionally you can utilized these sorts of mysteries to simply improve your general system in the event that you would incline toward.

Have a look what people say about ABS

Only $37


  • Ageless Body system is Doctor Certified and has demonstrated that it is protected and successful wrinkle and hostile to anti-aging treatment 
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee 
  • Test Drive for 60 Days Risk Free 
  • It is a limited time offer inspire rush to request now to experience our fantasies today

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Make your lips pink and soft

To make your lips pink and soft is a dream of every girl. Pink lips are a part of beauty which attracts people towards you. But due to harsh environment, dust, smoke and seasonal changing, lips turned into dark color, black and unhealthy. Girls use many expensive cosmetic. Lipsticks are made up of many chemicals which can harm your lips. In the past cosmetics when made, were tested on animals but now it is banned. That’s why cosmetics are not tested and directly used by people. But don’t worries I have make this article for you to make you lips soft and pink without using expensive products including chemicals.

Reasons behind dark and unhealthy lips:

There are many reasons behind this. Some of common reasons are listed below

  • *      Seasonal changing
  • *      Unhealthy lifestyle
  • *      Ignorance towards your own self
  • *      Illness
  • *      Using tobacco
  • *      Not removing lipstick from lips at night
  • *      Less blood circulation in lips
  • *      Use low quality lipstick
  • *      Mind stress
  • *      Exposing lips to direct sun rays
  • *      Humid temperature
  • *      Dehydration in body

Beetroot Juice

Beetroot is a wonderful fruit. Get one piece of beetroot, wash it thoroughly and grind it and strain the juice. Keep it in the refrigerator. Apply this juice on the lips daily 2-3 time for 20 minutes then wash it off. It will keep your lips a natural pink color and make your lips soft.

Rose petals paste

Take some fresh rose petals, crush it and mix it with milk. Add some honey and glycerin in it. This will make a paste. Apply this paste on lips for 20 minutes then wash it off without using soap. This will give a natural color to your lips, and make your lips soft.

Natural Ghee

Natural ghee is very good remedy for dry lips. It is essential content of our food. Apply 1-2 drops of natural ghee on lips and rub it with finger. Apply ghee on your lips 2-3 times daily. This will give a natural color to your lips, and make your lips soft.


After brushing your teeth either at night or morning, brush your lips as well. When you apply brush on your lips it will remove unhealthy skin from lips and turned into fresh lips. It is not necessary to use brush with tooth paste on it, after brushing your teeth, wash the brush then apply on lips.


Use good quality moisturizer for your lips for the whole day. Don’t let your lips to dry. Dryness can negatively effect on lips. Keep your lips hydrated and moisturized because this will make your lips fresh and long lasting pink and soft. Use lip balm while you are at home or go outside.

Pomegranate seeds

You can make one of the best homemade remedy with pomegranate seeds for lips. Grind the pomegranate seeds and mix some milk in it. This will make a paste. Apply this paste on lips daily, before going to sleep at night. It will shine your lips.

Avoid licking

When people feel that their lips are going to dry, they lick them. But licking is not the solution. Avoid licking your lips and apply good quality chip stick or lip balm to make them wet.


Take cotton, soaked it with beetroot juice or carrot juice. Then apply this cotton on lips slowly slowly. Try this process twice a day. This will make your lips soft, pink and shine.

Friday, 22 November 2013


BitTorrent is a torrent client for sharing data via the BitTorrent protocol. The software enables users to share, search, download and upload application, music, video, document, picture and other files. BitTorrent supports download of multiple files in parallel from different peers. For every download or upload the interface shows download and upload speed, file size, file name, progress, seeds, peers etc. Overall usage can be monitored in tabular and graphical views. New torrent or magnet files (compatible with Azureus) can be added through torrent sites or from within BitTorrent.

Some of its advanced features include:

  • Bandwidth limiter
  • Data transfer quota limiter
  • Download scheduler
  • IP Blocklist
  • Magnet URI
  • Data transfer quota limiter
  • Proxy support
  • Web Interface
  • Multiple languages


Title: BitTorrent 7.8.2 Build 30265
Filename: BitTorrent.exe
File size: 1.08MB (1,137,240 bytes)
Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Freeware
Author: BitTorrent


µTorrent is a small and incredibly popular BitTorrent client.

Micro-Sized Yet Feature Filled

Most of the features present in other BitTorrent clients are present in µTorrent, including bandwidth prioritization, scheduling, RSS auto-downloading and Mainline DHT (compatible with BitComet). Additionally, µTorrent supports the Protocol Encryption joint specification (compatible with Azureus and above, BitComet 0.63 and above) and peer exchange.


µTorrent was written with efficiency in mind. Unlike many torrent clients, it does not hog valuable system resources - typically using less than 6MB of memory, allowing you to use the computer as if it weren't there at all. Additionally, the program itself is contained within a single executable less than 1 MB in size.

Skinnable and Localized

Various icon, toolbar graphic and status icon replacements are available, and creating your own is very simple. µTorrent also has support for localization, and with a language file present, will automatically switch to your system language. If your language isn't available, you can easily add your own, or edit other existing translations to improve them!

Actively Developed and Improved

The developer puts in a lot of time working on features and making things more user-friendly. Releases only come out when they're ready, with no schedule pressures, so the few bugs that appear are quickly addressed and fixed.


Title: uTorrent 3.4 Beta 30345
Filename: utorrent.exe
File size: 1.23MB (1,284,944 bytes)
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
Languages: en-US
License: Freeware
Want to Download BitTorrent?

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

What is online shopping?

Online shopping means to buy things with one click only, while you are staying at your home. It is direct dealing between seller and consumer. One can order any product like electronic devices, clothes, shoes, bags, watches, jewelery, furniture, house hold goods and many more....  Mostly people purchase electronic devices via online like mobiles, laptop and computer, tablet PC, and pocket PC etc.

Why people prefer online shopping?

Man’s life is becoming busier day by day. Most of the people work on weekend as part tome job to full fill their basic needs of life. Internet has given such people a great benefit. Now you don’t need to go to the mall for shopping and waste your big time there you just need laptop and internet and most important is “best online shopping site”. Online shopping trend is becoming so popular, it seems future of shopping is online shopping or online marketing or eCommerce store.

How to get product and pay?

First of all go to the online shopping site, search for the thing you want, click on buy/purchase/order. Mention out your address on the desired space. Within few days seller will deliver your product to your home at that time you will pay for your product. Some site give you option to pay via credit card as well.
There are lots of sites for online shopping sites you may confuse to choose the site. To remove your confusion I have mention some of the best and famous online shopping sites.

1.       Amazon is one of the best site foe ecommerce/online-shopping because its services easy to use. It provides you easy interface and featured products with affordable price and fast home delivery with discount. It provides products like books, movies, music, games, computers, laptops, home, beauty and health products, toys, clothes, shoes, jewellery, sports etc...

2.       Ebay is leading ecommerce site in India. eBay is such a unique site which provides you the opportunity to sell your product as well. You can buy and sell product via eBay. If you want to sell product via eBay simply make an account on eBay, upload image of your product, write some description and publish this. eBay gives benefits to both seller and customer. It provides fashion, electronics, art, home, garden, sports products.

3.       Walmart is most popular in US and now becoming famous outside the US. It is easy to use provides easy interface. Walmart offers free shopping and discount on Special Ocean. It provides electronics, office equipment, movies, books, shoes, jewelry, clothes, toys, games, gifts pharmacy and many more.

 4.       Flipkart is one of the best sites among ecommerce. The reason of its popularity is that this site has become more popular in very less time. Flipkart has started with books only but today it offers clothes, shoes, bags, mobiles, laptops, cameras, software, games, books, home appliances etc...

5.       Bestbuy is a site with provide all latest electronics like mobiles, laptop, computer, watching machine, television of famous brands. The plus point of this site is that it offers services and installation of electronics.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

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