Monday, 22 July 2013


It is considered that Lemon is originated India in 1st century, then entered into other countries through traders. In this post I will demonstrate the benefits of Lemon e.g skin cleanser, prevent heart attack, remove stains etc.....

Let discuss it benefits step by step.


Lemon Juice helps in digestion because its atomic nature is just like saliva.

Clean Urinary System

Lemon Juice remove toxins and unwanted materials from our body because it increase urination in this way almost all toxins can easily remove from our body.

Boost Immune System

Lemon is rich in vitamin C and potassium which protects us from cold and flu and stimulates our brain and prevent liver and heat disorders.

 Balance pH level

Although lemon is acidic in nature but it maintain our pH level with in neutral range round about 7.4 and also maintain blood sugar level.

skin cleanser

Lemon is skin cleanser, it remove spot and pimples from face and make skin neat and clean. Drink  

Shiny hair

External use of lemon makes hair strong and shiny.

Replace Coffee with Lemon juice

Excess use of coffee is harmful for your stomach. If someone is habitual of drinking coffee all the time he can remove his habit by replacing  Coffee with Lemon juice.

Pain killer for throat

Drink 1 glass lemon juice mix with 1 tbs of fresh honey, it prevents the sore throat pain. 

Weight loss

Lemon juice has fats burning power. Drink 1 glass of light worm water and mix 8 - 10 lemon drops in early morning with empty stomach daily. It will decrease your weight. 

Stop itching

When an insect bites on someone's skin apply lemon juice on that part to prevent the toxins effects. 



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