Sunday, 15 September 2013

As we know that YouTube has been blocked in some countries due to its negative uses. But YouTube also has many positive uses specially in educational fields. People use Proxy Software to unblock YouTube.  "UltraSurf"  is also a proxy software.

Here I am going to share some simple steps with you people to run YouTube with UltraSurf proxy software. Follow these steps

  • Go to  "UltraSurf" to download it.
  • After completion, install it.
  • This software will be installed in Zip folder. Dont unzip it.
  • Click on zip folder which named as "u".
  • This will appear.

  • Click on "u1201" to run this software
  • As a result of this a yellow colored lock will appear in the right bottom this lock will show that now you can run YouTube. When you will complete the work on YouTube then close  UltraSurf software. When you again wan to use YouTube then repeat all above steps.



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