Saturday, 23 November 2013

Make your lips pink and soft

To make your lips pink and soft is a dream of every girl. Pink lips are a part of beauty which attracts people towards you. But due to harsh environment, dust, smoke and seasonal changing, lips turned into dark color, black and unhealthy. Girls use many expensive cosmetic. Lipsticks are made up of many chemicals which can harm your lips. In the past cosmetics when made, were tested on animals but now it is banned. That’s why cosmetics are not tested and directly used by people. But don’t worries I have make this article for you to make you lips soft and pink without using expensive products including chemicals.

Reasons behind dark and unhealthy lips:

There are many reasons behind this. Some of common reasons are listed below

  • *      Seasonal changing
  • *      Unhealthy lifestyle
  • *      Ignorance towards your own self
  • *      Illness
  • *      Using tobacco
  • *      Not removing lipstick from lips at night
  • *      Less blood circulation in lips
  • *      Use low quality lipstick
  • *      Mind stress
  • *      Exposing lips to direct sun rays
  • *      Humid temperature
  • *      Dehydration in body

Beetroot Juice

Beetroot is a wonderful fruit. Get one piece of beetroot, wash it thoroughly and grind it and strain the juice. Keep it in the refrigerator. Apply this juice on the lips daily 2-3 time for 20 minutes then wash it off. It will keep your lips a natural pink color and make your lips soft.

Rose petals paste

Take some fresh rose petals, crush it and mix it with milk. Add some honey and glycerin in it. This will make a paste. Apply this paste on lips for 20 minutes then wash it off without using soap. This will give a natural color to your lips, and make your lips soft.

Natural Ghee

Natural ghee is very good remedy for dry lips. It is essential content of our food. Apply 1-2 drops of natural ghee on lips and rub it with finger. Apply ghee on your lips 2-3 times daily. This will give a natural color to your lips, and make your lips soft.


After brushing your teeth either at night or morning, brush your lips as well. When you apply brush on your lips it will remove unhealthy skin from lips and turned into fresh lips. It is not necessary to use brush with tooth paste on it, after brushing your teeth, wash the brush then apply on lips.


Use good quality moisturizer for your lips for the whole day. Don’t let your lips to dry. Dryness can negatively effect on lips. Keep your lips hydrated and moisturized because this will make your lips fresh and long lasting pink and soft. Use lip balm while you are at home or go outside.

Pomegranate seeds

You can make one of the best homemade remedy with pomegranate seeds for lips. Grind the pomegranate seeds and mix some milk in it. This will make a paste. Apply this paste on lips daily, before going to sleep at night. It will shine your lips.

Avoid licking

When people feel that their lips are going to dry, they lick them. But licking is not the solution. Avoid licking your lips and apply good quality chip stick or lip balm to make them wet.


Take cotton, soaked it with beetroot juice or carrot juice. Then apply this cotton on lips slowly slowly. Try this process twice a day. This will make your lips soft, pink and shine.



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