Friday, 2 August 2013

Benefits of chocolate

Dark chocolate is healthier than white and milk chocolate.  Because dark chocolate has less sugar than other chocolates.

Dark chocolate reduces blood pressure. Dark chocolate widens the arteries and prevent blood clotting. It reduces heart diseases.

Dark chocolate makes teeth whiter and discourage tooth decay and cavities.

Chocolate reduces tension and makes someone relaxed.

Some people think that chocolate is rich in caffeine so don’t should eat it. But don’t worry; chocolate contains a small amount of caffeine. 1 ounce of chocolate contains 5mg of caffeine.

Chocolate is a good source of minerals ions like copper, iron, Zink and magnesium which are required for better health.

Chocolate that contains Stearic acide ( A saturated fat), does not increase cholesterol level.

Some researches prove that chocolate increases life span.

Pure chocolate won’t cause Acne.

Chocolate stops coughing.

Chocolate improves skin.

Chocolate makes brain fast.

Chocolate stops cancer cells to grow.

Chocolate is a healthy food and it reduces feeling of hung.


Dark chocolate ingredients

Cocoa Powder


Cocoa butter


White chocolate ingredients

Cocoa butter

Milk powder


Soy lecithin



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