Wednesday, 13 November 2013

What is online shopping?

Online shopping means to buy things with one click only, while you are staying at your home. It is direct dealing between seller and consumer. One can order any product like electronic devices, clothes, shoes, bags, watches, jewelery, furniture, house hold goods and many more....  Mostly people purchase electronic devices via online like mobiles, laptop and computer, tablet PC, and pocket PC etc.

Why people prefer online shopping?

Man’s life is becoming busier day by day. Most of the people work on weekend as part tome job to full fill their basic needs of life. Internet has given such people a great benefit. Now you don’t need to go to the mall for shopping and waste your big time there you just need laptop and internet and most important is “best online shopping site”. Online shopping trend is becoming so popular, it seems future of shopping is online shopping or online marketing or eCommerce store.

How to get product and pay?

First of all go to the online shopping site, search for the thing you want, click on buy/purchase/order. Mention out your address on the desired space. Within few days seller will deliver your product to your home at that time you will pay for your product. Some site give you option to pay via credit card as well.
There are lots of sites for online shopping sites you may confuse to choose the site. To remove your confusion I have mention some of the best and famous online shopping sites.

1.       Amazon is one of the best site foe ecommerce/online-shopping because its services easy to use. It provides you easy interface and featured products with affordable price and fast home delivery with discount. It provides products like books, movies, music, games, computers, laptops, home, beauty and health products, toys, clothes, shoes, jewellery, sports etc...

2.       Ebay is leading ecommerce site in India. eBay is such a unique site which provides you the opportunity to sell your product as well. You can buy and sell product via eBay. If you want to sell product via eBay simply make an account on eBay, upload image of your product, write some description and publish this. eBay gives benefits to both seller and customer. It provides fashion, electronics, art, home, garden, sports products.

3.       Walmart is most popular in US and now becoming famous outside the US. It is easy to use provides easy interface. Walmart offers free shopping and discount on Special Ocean. It provides electronics, office equipment, movies, books, shoes, jewelry, clothes, toys, games, gifts pharmacy and many more.

 4.       Flipkart is one of the best sites among ecommerce. The reason of its popularity is that this site has become more popular in very less time. Flipkart has started with books only but today it offers clothes, shoes, bags, mobiles, laptops, cameras, software, games, books, home appliances etc...

5.       Bestbuy is a site with provide all latest electronics like mobiles, laptop, computer, watching machine, television of famous brands. The plus point of this site is that it offers services and installation of electronics.



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